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Q: How do I buy from International Commercial?

A: Phone our reception at +264 65 264 620 / +264 65 264 641 to enquire about your intended purchase or travel directly to our location in Oshikango, Namibia (just across the border of Santa Clara, Angola)

Browse our extensive showrooms – a helpful sales assistant will tend to you and assist with everything you might need

 Pay with cash (US$), card or EFT

Our friendly staff will prepare your import/export documentation – free of charge, and even transport your purchases to the border post

Q: How do I sell to International Commercial?

A: Please contact our Logistics and Sales Manager, Ali Hallal at +264 65 264 620 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are constantly looking for new and exiting product lines

Q: Can you assist with transport/delivery of my purchases?

A: Yes, ICPL can organise import and export transportation to any destination up to the border post. 

Q: I am a retailer and I am looking for a supplier of my merchandise. Can you assist?

A: Yes, ICPL keeps stock of most of our merchandise, so it’s as easy as ordering and buying off the shelf. If items are not in stock or you require more of an item than we keep in stock, we can order and have available your request as fast as is possible. (And yes, depending on the size of your purchase, the price can of course be negotiated )

Q: Do you provide after sales service / parts?

A: Yes, we have a fully functional workshop and parts department for all the vehicles we sell, staffed by qualified technicians. For home appliances, electronics, furniture and machinery we also honour waranties and guarantees and stock typical parts.

Q: I travel from far to purchase merchandise for my business. Could you assist in accomodation?

A: ICPL provides comfortable, safe and serviced accommodation for our valued clients on our premises. So you can stay over whilst doing your shopping or while we prepare your shipment.